Energy + Earth brings you mindful, health conscious solutions to must have products we love to bring into our home and use on our bodies.


Earth: This earth has so many options for us to create safe, non-toxic + beneficial alternatives to our favorite things like candles, scrubs + even bath-time!  E +E uses ingredients derived from nature, sources locally + creates every product by hand. Packaging is from recycled materials + a percentage of profits go to local organizations/charities to keep this earth as beautiful as it can be.


Energy: Each product is made under the energy of New or Full Moon.  A ceremony is done to charge the space + materials under this energy.  The finished products are also sealed with Reiki and made with love.  Every step of the process is done with positive intention + passed to you.


Jenna:  Energy + Earth is Jenna’s product line.  Her brand is “Live in Love” with a dedication to inspire + guide others to live their lives in love.  Whether it be a romantic love, self-love, friendship-love, love of nature, she believes that if we spend our days finding the good + being in the action of love to + for all things and people, our lives will forever change.  She is an Ayruvedic Yoga instructor, Reiki Master, Circle Leader + Empowerment Guide.  Living a holistic conscious lifestyle has always been a way of life for Jenna + she is constantly learning and trying out new ways to do so and then spread them to others.  Welcome to Energy + Earth! Let’s live in love mindfully + inspire one another.

    Email for Custom + Bulk Orders! We love to make our products your own.

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